My Expertise

Java 90%

C# 85%

PHP 80%

SQL 90%

Git Version Control 80%

My Expertise


JavaScript 90%

Node JS/Express 80%

.NET Stack 85%

Azure/AWS Cloud Tech 80%

  • September 2020 to present

    Full Stack Developer

    Home Cuisine

  • August 2018 to present

    Casual Sales Associate

    Accent Group Limited
    Melbourne, Australia

  • August 2016 to May 2018

    Software Developer

    Reliance Industries
    Mumbai, India

  • May 2016 to August 2016

    Full Stack Developer

    VHS Telematics
    Mumbai, India

  • July 2018 to June 2020

    Monash University

    Master of Information Technology
    Melbourne, Australia

  • August 2012 to June 2016

    Mumbai University

    Bachelor of Information Technology
    Mumbai, India

My Services

Interested in making everything more efficient, autonomous and smart.

Clean Code

Dynamic & Fast

Smart & Responsive

Adaptive & Agile


Interactive Design


Collection of my recent applications

Our Plants Our Planet

NodeJS ExpressJS

Our Plants Our Planet is a gardening web application that helps gardeners to tackle garden weed problems. It features a weed identification tool with advance filters, weed predictions and control mechanism, a personalised garden planner and garden calculators.

Music Now.

PHP Symfony Doctrine

An online movies database that primarily features adding new movies to the online database, authorised editing privileges, providing user rating and reviewing, automatic seeding and syncing movie information from 3rd party APIs.

Tents & Trailers


A website for booking and organizing camping events and locating campsites in Victoria. It features multiple camping events, online campsite booking system, and a map service to locate and track the coordinates, with an enhanced feature of notifying your emergency contact with your last location via email.

Monash Eats

JAVA Eclipse

A food ordering platform that provides table ordering, pick-up, delivery & tracking services. It also features inventory and stock level checks for the adminstrator and authorised users.



A java based single player battleship war game.

Calorie Tracker

Android Rest API

A personalised android application to track your daily calory intake and count, monitors dietry activies and activity lifecycle.

Online document processing

JAVA Vector space model wordnet

A document clustering model that serves as a digital forensic tool for analyzing a set of documents, provide multiple levels of search techniques to answer questions and generate digital evidence related to the investigation.